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Facebook Format Tool 2.0 is here

I finally completed a long awaited overhaul of the Facebook Format tool.  The tool makes it easy to bold and italicize facebook statuses, as well as making it simple to add special characters like hearts, stars, and crosses.

My favorite new feature is the one-click chessboard.  It allows you to play chess with your friends, via facebook comment!


  1. Avrum Rosner's profile image.

    Can you seriously play chess… or just display the chessboard? Forgive me if that’s a dumb question. Love your app, by the way!

    • gschoppe's profile image.

      It’s not exactly the easiest thing to do, but you can print the board and add the pieces in place. Then simply modify the board with every move. Players simply comment back and forth with each turn.

      • Giri's profile image.

        I have nothing to add i’m just a fan of this site. and i particularly liked your last comment regarding chess symbols. there is some serious lateral thinking at work to utilise the completely new forms of communication or reinvigorating old ones ie mail chess.

        like i said nothing to add, just a fan 🙂

  2. cain's profile image.

    Hi Gregory,
    I have recently come across your facebook formatting tool. Firstly, thank you for sharing an excellent little utility, I have always tried to use ASCII to the fullest to enhance the quality of my posts. Needing to ‘bold’ a simple heading was what bought me to your tool.

    I have just noticed that when I view the facebook post from within the mobile facebook app version, it does not render the characters properly and it falls back to the ☐ squares. As I have used the characters within the description to the about section of my business page, I unfortunately leave it like that. I am disappointed that it does not display correctly and I was wondering if there was something you could suggest that I can do to get around the problem?

    • gschoppe's profile image.

      Unfortunately, you’re seeing one of the limitations of facebook’s mobile app and website. Extended unicode character sets are currently unsupported in IOS, Android, and the Chrome browser. It is an oversight the google and apple will hopefully address some day

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