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About Me

I’m a software developer from Burlington, VT, specializing in WordPress themes, plugins, and libraries. I’ve worked for Google, built a startup from scratch, and now lead a team of developers at Burlington Bytes, who have built over 300 WordPress websites.

I love cooking, photography, electronics, and robotics. In my spare time I work with Laboratory B, teaching kids about STEM and building cool stuff.

I’ve always got at least a few side projects going, a few of which are listed below.


WP Utility Script Runner

A WordPress plugin to simplify writing, managing, and running single-use scripts, like importers, exporters, and data cleaners. Simplifies creating a safe and capable script to 17 lines of boilerplate

status: Active

WP Smartcrop

A WordPress plugin that allows you to set a focal point for images, then style them with CSS, without worrying about aspect ratio. The images will be cropped to fit whatever size set in CSS, keeping the focal point in view and maintaining a strong composition

status: Active

WP Blockade

A WordPress plugin that is the most minimal page builder possible. It gives users access to common Bootstrap features like columns, buttons and video embedding, from a simple, visual interface.

status: Active

Online ChordPro Renderer

Useful little demo of a JavaScript library I re-wrote and enhanced, that parses the ChordPro music format.

status: Active


Sheet music CMS, supporting PDFs, Images, Chord Pro files, and more. Designed to run on a local webserver, to simplify managing music for entire groups.  

status: Unsupported

jQuery jSlabify

A jQuery plugin to automatically generate slabbed typography. jSabify supports manually setting the breakpoints, or automatically generating them.

status: Unsupported


Facebook Format

This is a proof of concept tool from years ago, that allows users to convert their text to Bold, Italic, or Struck text that can be copied and pasted into facebook

status: Unsupported